The Essential Guide to The Ways to Relieve Stress

Too much stress can ruin your day, and sometimes it seems like it’s just unavoidable. However, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent those really awful, stressful times. The first tip to manage your stress is more of an overall lifestyle change. The second, for when you can’t seem to avoid that stress, is to apply a few stress relief techniques in order to attempt to provide a more immediate reduction in your stress levels. Here are a few stress relief techniques that you can easily do on your own, for those days when you need more than just your usual stress management.

Deep Breathing

One of the simplest stress relief techniques is to practice deep breathing. Part of the problem with stress is that it tends to make you take shallow breaths, which in turn deprives your body of oxygen and leads to muscle tension. Taking just a minute to breathe deep is one of the stress relief techniques you can do anywhere. Simply concentrate on breathing in deep enough to make your stomach rise, then let the air out slowly.

Muscle Relaxation

Other stress relief techniques focus on your entire body instead of just your breathing, such as muscle relaxation, which has been used by yoga practitioners and even hypnotists to help relax the body and remove stress. With muscle relaxation, you first cause your muscles to get a little tension, flexing them, and then you concentrate on relaxing them totally, which helps you to let go of both the muscle tension and your own personal tension.


When people mention another one of the great stress relief techniques, meditation, others often think about the religious connotations, since meditation is important to religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. However, meditation doesn’t need religion to work; a room that’s quiet or has soft music playing, a place to sit comfortably, and a few minutes are all that you need. Simply sit back and try to just let your mind empty of thoughts, and you can help eliminate stress.

Even better, meditation combines with other stress relief techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation, both of which can aid in your efforts to meditate. So whether you attempt to use just one of the techniques discussed or you try to combine multiple stress relief techniques, these activities can all work to help you reduce your stress and prevent your day from getting ruined.

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