How Colors Show a Strong Business Graphic Design

Consistency should be the best-practiced value in any kind of business. You also have to have a process to run things from day-to-day. This keeps things organized, can reduce the time that is wasted, and of course, saves more money. These are just some qualities that customers may be looking for in you.

These factors are also the root of graphic design. In graphic design, all factors should point towards making your company look strong and secure in the eyes of your customers, old and new.

How do you show strength and security without having to bring the customer into your office?

One way is through colors. Believe it or not, color plays a big part in the message you are trying to deliver through the materials the company is distributing. For instance, the color red is a strong color, and it portrays not only strength but also temper and anger. Red is one of the strongest colors.

You may be asking what does color has to do with your business.

Every company or business has a set of corporate colors. These colors can be found initially in your logo. More often than not, your logo will consist of two or three colors. If it is three, then these are your primary corporate colors. A set of secondary colors can be built from the three primaries. This would be your color palette.

Here is how your colors come into play and how they work:

1. Gather all the pertinent information about your colors. You will need to know certain specifications like the Pantone Matching System. CMYK and RGB.

2. At the beginning of a project, all color information should be given to the designer or marketer. Specify which colors are the primary and which are the secondary.

3. Using full-color pictures in the designs are fine. Just make sure that the colors in the photograph complement those in your palette.

By simply following these basic steps, you can be sure that your business is always showing its true colors. Remember, people can sometimes be so judgmental that they form an impression just by the colors they see initially.

Strength and security will be projected to your customers. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing this when you see them choosing your products and services. All because of the color and the color palette you are using.

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