The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Hits to Your Site the Right Way

Webmasters… you have spent time, effort, and probably money designing your website, but yet it receives few or no hits. What can you do to make sure that your site receives the publicity it deserves?

One tried and proven solution is by writing a small article about your site and submitting it to an S.E.O. and content provider site. People visit these sites every day to discover articles which they can include in their own site. These articles, which can cover all sorts of topics from angling to zoo-keeping, are designed to provide a taste of what your own site contains.

They would usually be about one small part of your own site but are sufficiently interesting to make a reader click on the link to your site so that they can find out more information, thus leading to a greater number of hits.

They should be relatively short, say 400 to 500 words so that a reader will not become bored by them. Research has shown that if a visitor to a web site does not have their attention grabbed within about 5 seconds, or less, they will move on.

Some article submission sites will offer, in addition to hosting your article writing service. You provide them with an idea of the style you want, a description of your site and they will provide you with an article.

Some sites will expect you to submit the article to them for hosting, while others will give you the article so that you choose where to submit it. Whatever you choose, the copyright of the article always remains with you, and this is acknowledged by a small statement that the content was provided by whoever. There is also usually a link to the article writer, thus ensuring that your site receives a measure of promotion.

Submitting an article is generally a straightforward procedure. You choose the content provider you wish to submit your article to, register with them, and you are then able to submit your article.

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