Thinking Of Getting Married? Here Are Five Reasons Why You Should Do It In Sunny Las Vegas

In the 1900s, when California banned gin from being part of the ceremony, young lovers who were drunk and in love were able to get hitched in Las Vegas. These were the first recorded weddings in Las Vegas. It took only a few hours time to make the marriage official with a stamped certificate and all. When the happy couple left the chapel a magical city of lights awaited them to celebrate. The first celebrity to take advantage of this option was supposedly Clark Gable. Since then, it has become the top wedding destination for VIPs as well as common folk. Take a look at this list of five reasons you might want to consider for marrying in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

1. The Late Days of Singleton

Before the notion of marriage becomes a reality, plan to spend the last few moments of Bachelorhood in Sin City! Enjoy a night on the town with your friends and have a ball before the big day! Would you like to enjoy some girl-talk before you say the final word? Go for a relaxing massage and get your bod pampered at the spa, while you talk about your future hubby.

2. Get Hitched, Fast and Simple

Are you ready for marriage? All you need is a social security number, a valid ID and $55 to get married in sunny Vegas. Don’t forget about the “love” part either! That is how easy it is to get married. You don’t need a wedding planner or a wedding singer. You don’t even need relatives! Just you, the one you love, and, of course, the priest or justice of the peace. It could even be Elvis! Whatever you would like, Vegas can make it possible! But, remember: get a marriage license in advance to make sure everything runs smoothly.

3. Choose your Own Way

Would you like 2 or 200 wedding guests? Choose your own way to do things in Vegas. It has everything you need. A lot of wedding chapels have a variety of packages to offer. Whether you would like it plain or extravagant, they will have just the package for you! Everything you need is right there, from flowers and rings to witnesses and cakes. Your 200 guests can amuse themselves in the beautiful and exciting city of Las Vegas! That will keep them busy so you can enjoy your first magical marital night.

4. Take an Enjoyable Walk to Your Honeymoon

In some cases, a marriage might end before the honeymoon has even begun. A long flight on an airplane gets to be a little testy for some newlyweds. In Las Vegas, that’s all different! When you walk out of the chapel (or garden, or Commissioner’s office), you are off on your honeymoon! Take a stroll along the Vegas strip and enjoy the lights, large and bright water fountains, and the simple excitement of Vegas! You may also reside at one of the vast luxurious hotels and turn your wedding night into an unforgettable remembrance!

5. Living in Las Vegas

There are about 2,000,000 Americans that attest to the fact that moving to Las Vegas has been seriously considered for many couples beginning their new married life. Las Vegas very good infrastructure to protect it against the extreme weather climate. There is a basic need that Las Vegas covers twenty-four hours a day, and that is FOOD!

The blinketyblink of light driving you mad? Why not visit the beautiful Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Fire, or Lake Mead? Yes, Vegas also has breathtaking nature! Fill your memories with these gorgeous sites!

Do you want to have children? Some of the finest schools are located in Nevada. One of the top 10 high schools in the US is Clark County’s Green Valley High school.

Las Vegas is not just a place to get married, it’s a wonderful place to live! Once you see Las Vegas, you will never want to live anywhere else!

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