Do These Five Things, and You’ll Succeed Like Leaders Do

As top producers in our organizations and as viewed upon as some of the best mentors in our group we are often asked, “What are the things leaders do every day”? I would like to share these with you. Actually, they are very simple. When we got involved in our business there were five simple things everybody did who were at the top of their game. It did not take long for us to jot them down clearly make a note of what they are we actually took time to print them out and hang them on our dream board. Our dream board is a visual of the goals that we want. From exotic cars to exotic houses, chose something that gets your blood moving. It is also a place for our affirmations to be seen throughout the day. We took the time to practice these tools until they became part of our everyday lifestyle.

Item #1 Visualize your goals. To better understand this, your goal needs to have three parts to it. A short term a midterm and a long term. A short-term goal should be easily obtainable. They can be reached within a week or a four-week period. A mid-term goal should be obtainable in three to 9 months. Long-term goals should be a year or longer depending on your desire level. A long term should be something that you could not even imagine being able to achieve. However, with constant affirmations and continuing goal setting, you will be able to. To achieve your dream with ease. You must visualize your goal every day. Sit down and take time to meditate about your goal and perceive yourself already possessing that goal.

Item #2 Income Producing activity. Income-producing activities are the activities that will move your business forward. Advertising, networking, and personal contact are some examples of income-producing activities. Whatever your business maybe you need to put time and effort into an income-producing activity every day. You need to allocate at least 2 hours a day.

Item #3 Personal development. Personal development in our opinion is one of the top aspects of being successful. You can work hard at your job and make a living, or you can work hard at your personal development and make a fortune. For us, our personal development choice is Beyond Freedom. This is the product that has gotten us where we are today. Choice your own personal development product, but it must be done every day.

Item #4 Mastermind with other leaders. It is so critical for your business to mastermind with other leaders. The people that you choose to be around are the type of person you yourself will become. We choose successful people, therefore we choose success. Stay in touch with the leaders. Does this by calling them on the phone, e-mail them. Mastermind a game plan with like-minded individuals in order to keep your business moving forward. Take time to attend seminars, events, training calls. The leaders do not miss an event.

Item #5 Cultivate the expectation of leadership. Repeat this to yourself many times. You need to believe you’re the leader. Be the leader. Do what the leaders do. Have what the leaders have. We call this Be-Do-Have system. You will then become the leader.

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