Here’s a Quick Way to Learn More About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical treatment that uses needle tips to treat certain medical conditions. The treatment itself was first popularized in the Far East during the Ming Dynasty but has now been adopted and refined by the West as well. Because of its effectiveness, this medical treatment is also used widely in Western medicine for a variety of ailments.

Although it has many supporters, there are many different people who still do not understand how acupuncture works. Here are some basic facts about this interesting medical practice.

When a practitioner begins treating a patient with acupuncture, he will typically place an instrument called an acupoint on the patient’s body at a certain spot. The acupoint is a thin steel wire with a sharp point that is inserted into the skin. After the patient has received the treatment, the point of the wire will become numb. By doing this, the practitioner can better pinpoint the exact location of the acupoint and then administer the proper amount of pressure to increase the acupoints’ sensitivity.

For health problems, such as high blood pressure or asthma, a medical practitioner may inject a substance that stimulates the acupoints. This may be done after injections of anesthesia or sometimes even by placing them directly into the bloodstream.

Most acupuncture treatments use one to three needles. Some practitioners use up to ten needles. The needles themselves are made of stainless steel and have a tiny hole that is used to puncture the skin.

The needles are not meant to burn the skin; rather, they are designed to get closer to the acupuncture point without piercing the skin. Because they are longer than normal needles, this allows the acupoints to be more easily targeted.

The majority of people who undergo acupuncture treatment do not feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment. However, if the needles puncture the skin too deeply, the result can be bruising or swelling.

Despite the fact that acupuncture is derived from traditional medicine, it is still considered an “alternative” treatment. This means that although many people think it sounds like something found in a doctor’s office, they are actually treated outside the typical scope of health care. In the United States, acupuncture is often used as alternative medicine.

During the first session, the needles will have a very small amount of numbing agents in them. The numbing agent prevents the needle tips from hurting the skin when they puncture skin. The needles are placed in strategic areas around the acupuncture meridian points.

After the needles are inserted, the acupuncturist will gently massage the needles into the patient’s body. The therapist may repeat this process several times to enhance the effect of the treatment. Eventually, the acupuncturist will remove the needles and leave the needles in place.

While the acupuncture needles may be removed, the needles will still work to improve the health conditions of the patient. Many people believe that acupuncturists are often the first to recommend acupuncture, so you may want to visit one to experience its benefits for yourself. These days, many people feel that acupuncture has become a great complement to modern medical treatment.

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