How to Cleanse and Preserve Your Beloved Coffee Maker

If you are wondering how you clean your coffee maker the correct way, read on. Coffee makers should be cleaned one or two times every month to fully enjoy a cup of coffee that always tastes good.

Your coffee maker carries off hard water mineral deposits when cleaned up. Cleaning also takes away oils and grease from brewed pots in the past and other remains that can make your coffee taste terrible.

Generally speaking, a coffee maker is not that hard to clean up.

There are products available in the market that will cleanse your coffee maker. If you want to make of these, you have to ensure that you follow the instructions stated for safety. Usually, these solutions are in the form of acid which is packed for convenient use.

The most common acids found in your kitchen include lemon juice and vinegar. They can be applied similarly as efficiently but for a much smaller price tag which makes commercial products a fund misuse.

Typically, a vinegar and water mixture is able to work very well. Also, the effort in cleaning a coffee maker is dependent on how greatly it has been cared for. You may well require appropriate detergents capable of removing calcium deposits if these mineral sediments built up tough on the parts of your coffee maker.

In no way, you should use any kind of soap to wash your coffee maker. Most detergents and soaps leave suds and deposits behind which may possibly cause harm to your coffee maker. These may also make your coffee taste awful.

However, the coffee pot or the glass portion which collects the coffee can be cleansed with the use of soap. This is an efficient washing means provided that you rinse the coffee pot thoroughly. Also, it is suggested to clean the pot plus the filter basket in hot soapy water.

Here are simple steps you can make the most out of if you have a coffee maker and do not know how to cleanse and preserve it:

Cleaning the Carafe

1. Clean the carafe using soap and mild soap.

2. Fill the carafe with water and mild detergent then leave the solution in the carafe overnight to remove stains.

3. Wash the carafe completely.

Cleaning the water tank

1. Put water plus a pint of vinegar in the coffee maker tank.

2. Put the carafe into the hot plate and close the funnel.

3. Switch your coffee maker on.

4. Leave the vinegar in the water tank for half an hour.

5. Empty the carafe and then rinse it very well.

6. Again, put water on the tank and repeat the brewing cycle.

7. Switch the coffee maker off.

8. Clean the carafe thoroughly with running water.

Cleaning the hot plate and the filter basket

1. Turn off your coffee maker. Unplug it.

2. Allow your coffee maker to cool prior to cleaning.

3. Wipe down the hot plate using a damp fabric.

4. Wipe the hotplate dry.

5. Wash the filter basket with soap and water.

6. Rinse it thoroughly.

Make use of safe, inexpensive products in cleaning your coffee maker to enjoy more great-tasting coffee.

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