Keeping the Flu at Bay: Helping Your Child With Sickness

With the flu season ever approaching you will want to prepare yourself. The worst thing that can happen during the holiday season is to get bogged down with the flu. There is simply too much going on for you to be stuck homesick. But what can be even worse is having your kids be the ones to catch the flu. Because then you have to stay home and take care of them.

Sometimes children and flu vaccines do not mix, as there are often a lot of complaining to be had when you try to get them one. So all in all, your child getting the flu is not something you want to deal with. But there are some methods you can use to minimize the risk of them even getting sick.

1. Keep active. Exercise is a great way to boost the immune system, so having your kid remain active and stay in shape allows their immune system to run at peak capacity. Now exercise does not necessarily mean thirty-minute workouts or going to the gym. Simply having them run around playing with friends is a great exercise. But if they are going to be playing out in the snow make sure they are bundled uptight.

2. Fruits and vegetables. Another method for boosting your child’s immune system is to feed them plenty of fruits and vegetables. These types of foods contain various vitamins and minerals needed for a strong immune system. So simply by changing up their diet, you can spare yourself of trying to mix Children and Flu vaccines.

3. Rest. Getting plenty of rest is yet another major component of keeping your children healthy. While exercise is important, recharging after an action-packed day is equally important. If they do not get enough sleep, their body will not be as recharged as it should be and will not be able to fight off the flu as well as it should.

4. Keep their hands clean. Kids love running around, and they love to get their hands on things. There are a lot of germs out there and while you do not have to be all OCD over it, you should make sure they wash their hands regularly to prevent them from picking up something particularly nasty. When germs invade their body, it is the immune system that fights them off, but if their immune system is busy fighting off the various small-time germs they have picked up, it makes it easier for the flu to move in and take hold. So keeping their hands clean can go a long way towards preventing that.

5. Flu shot. Lastly, and probably the most dreaded preventative measure for any parent is the nightmarish flu shot. As I have said above, Children and Flu vaccines rarely mix well and there is often a lot of complaining to be had. But as painful as it might be, ultimately it is in their best interest. Simply getting a flu shot is probably the best method out there for protecting them against the flu.

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