Most Common Performance Part Upgrades for Your Car Refinement

If you want to turn your regular car into a highway beast, all you need are some good performance parts. You can boost your horsepower, sprints, and top speed by installing the right parts. And the nice thing about such upgrades is that you can get them for virtually any car model or manufacturer. Let’s have a look at the most common performance part upgrades:

Air filter intake

Cold air intake filter systems turn your average car into a real beast, allowing the engine to develop more power in all situations. Try to purchase street legal air filter intakes and not get in trouble with the law. Installing a performance cold air intake gives our car up to 15 HP, a change that you will definitely notice in city and highway situations.

Performance Exhaust Mufflers

Not only do they offer better power, but they also produce an amazing sound, distinctive to select racing machines. Exhaust mufflers and headers will transform your car into a great looking customized driving machine. But they are not all looks – they also add up to 20 HP to your vehicle, regardless if it’s a sedan or SUV.

Springs, Shocks, Suspension

Power is great but if you do not have control over it the ride can turn dangerous. There are several things you can do to improve your car’s handling and stability – such as lowering springs, adding shock absorbers, and installing a high-performance suspension system. When installing such upgrades, your car clearance will be lower – this has an excellent visual effect as well as better airflow dynamics, which means excellent handling and grip.

Electronic Upgrades

Performance aftermarket auto parts can make your average car look and feel like a sports car. Electronic upgrades are often used to boost engine HP. An average of 30 HP is obtained with such an upgrade and the electronic chips are usually created for particular engine types.

Clutch and Brake Upgrades

A clutch upgrade might seem like one of your last options when considering a performance tuning – however, the clutch is one of the essential elements that contribute to vehicle performance. A brake upgrade is absolutely necessary when more HP has been added to the engine. Remember to always balance power and control in order to get a fast but safe driving machine.

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